1. TreeHouse Bakery, Lancaster, PA – Employees and their families
  2. EZSolutions, Lancaster, PA – Employees and their families
  3. Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, Lancaster, PA – Employees and their families
  4. Herley Industries, Lancaster, PA – Employees and their families
  5. Chauffeurs, Teamsters, Helpers Local Union No 771, Lancaster, PA – union members and their families
  6. Refreshingly Clean, Lancaster, PA – Employees and their families
  7. Broadview Construction, Lancaster, PA – Employees and their families
  8. Brenneman’s Printing, Lancaster, PA – Employees and their families
  9. International Paper, Lancaster, PA – Employees and their families
  10. United Parcel Systems
  11. YRC
  12. System Freight
  13. ABF Freight
  14. SuperValu
  15. ACME
  16. New Albertson’s Inc
  17. HR Ewell
Call the main office to see if your company is part of our membership, 717-824-3669.


Please contact Member Services for more information at 717-824-3669 or email at info@teamfirstfcu.org.


We value our members and think it is important to review the many benefits available to them, and the many differences between a credit union and commercial banks. Please take a few minutes to review these credit union benefits.

  1. Credit unions typically pay higher yields on savings and certificates compared to commercial banks. Plus, accounts are federally insured.
  2. Credit unions’ loan rates are generally lower than those at commercial banks. Consider refinancing your bank loans and credit card balances at the credit union to save money.
  3. Credit union service fees are often lower than the fees charged for similar services at commercial banks.
  4. Credit unions still make small unsecured loans.
  5. Credit unions offer low-rate credit cards. Plus, you may qualify for a credit union credit card when a bank would not extend you credit. Transferring high-rate bank and store credit card balances to a credit union credit card could result in significant savings.
  6. Credit unions are member-based non-profit organizations. When you join, you become a member-owner and can participate in electing the Board of Directors. All members have an equal vote, no matter the amount of money in your account(s) or the number of services you use. Profits are returned to members in the form of attractive savings and loan rates. In contrast, banks focus on profits for their shareholders.
  7. Credit union membership is a lifetime benefit. Once you become a member, you can remain a member even if you change jobs or move to another area of the country.
  8. Your immediate family members are also eligible for credit union membership. Encourage them to join the credit union soon so they can enjoy the same benefits that you do.

About Our Credit Union History

At Team First Federal Credit Union, we are committed to serving the needs of our membership. We understand that our members make us who we are and serving them is our number one priority. We offer a wide range of services to meet all your needs. The Team First Federal Credit Union began as the Teamsters Local #771 Federal Credit Union on February 15, 1962. Dick Dodge attended the union meeting that month and explained how a credit union operated. A vote was taken and passed to establish a credit union to serve members of the Teamsters Local #771 and their families. Les Witmer and Short Rineer were elected to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Witmer served on the Board of Directors until retiring in March of 2011. He oversaw many changes and significant growth during that time. All that was needed to join the credit union in the beginning was 50 cents. With membership, you were immediately eligible for all the services offered, including applying for a loan.

Ray Sumpman, another founder of the credit union, provided space in his home for the credit union and served as manager until 1985. The credit union operated out of various rooms in his home, finally settling in on the back porch/office until 2011. This setting helped establish the "Family within a family" atmosphere that the members have always found unique and special while conducting business with the credit union.

In 2010, several decisions on the future of the credit union had to be made. After reviewing the current membership, and many discussions, the Board of Directors realized that through the years the credit union had grown to include not only Teamsters, but also a wide variety of family members. They reached the decision to change our name to Team First Federal Credit Union. This name better reflected the growing diversity of the membership. The word "Team" was included in the new name to maintain the connection to the deep roots with the Teamsters organization.

In order to service these members more efficiently, it was decided that the credit union would also need to find a new home. The new office is located at 111 Centerville Road, where a larger selection of services is now being offered. This office also provides the space for staff to work with more members throughout the day and still continue the traditional "Family within a family" approach.

If you would like to join our credit union or if you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to visit our office location in Lancaster. You can also feel free to call or email us. The staff of Team First Federal Credit Union looks forward to serving all your financial needs!